Published on Oct 15, 2013
Happy moments in a life of an entrepreneur. The purpose of this video is to promote entrepreneurship and to inspire startup founders around the world. Follow me @

I dedicate this video to people who gave me inspiration to become entrepreneur. Some of those people are featured in this video.

Gary Vaynerchuk I could probably recite Gary’s presentation from Web Expo. I watch it before my every public speech.

David Heinemeier Hansson You are my idol, ever since I’ve watched your Startup School presentation. I’ve probably generated 50k of those 100k Youtube views on this video.

Leo Laporte I spend a lot of time on the road. Your voice makes all my trips fun.

Sarah Lane & Amber MacArthur Again, you make business travel fun. I had some of my best ideas while listening to The Social Hour!

Kevin Rose I am old-school Diggnation fan. Great work with The Foundation. I watch every episode.


Shot and edited by Michal Sadowski – CEO & Founder at Brand24:

Concept inspired by “Take it to the next level” epic commercial by Nike.


Many thanks to:

Magda & Roza Sadowska – for infinite support over this and many other projects.

Asier Ríos Molina – for enthousiasm and help with a crucial shots.

Sylwia Nedziak – for music inspiration and awesome princessupport.

Karol Wnukiewicz – for constant bromance.

Aureliusz Gorski – for giving me opportunity to shot some cool scenes!

Łukasz Lergeporter – for providing me with a great workplace.

I couldn’t have done it without you help!

Additional thanks to:
Supercar Club Poland
Startup Weekend:
Business Link:





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  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    thx! appreciate it!

  • jetfire 4 years ago

    This video is an instant Adrenaline Rush for me!
    Thanks a lot…!

  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    type "after effects instagram" in google – you’ll find skylights filters I’ve used for this video 🙂

  • yassine azoul 4 years ago

    goud works ….. can you tell me what nem affects colour yous for your video ? …..thank you 🙂

  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    Thanks! Comments like yours are the best prize for making this video.

  • Tigran Voskanjan 4 years ago

    This video is amazing. it gives me huge boost everytime i watch it. It much better than any other motivation stuff. Good solution for important problem

  • Oguz Furkan Kaytanci 4 years ago

    This guy gets google glass in the future but still uses an iphone 4? haha thats a great video anyway i love it

  • Jarek Banaszek 4 years ago

    Great!!!! I had birthday 15 October! I had self startup! I had plan! I had idea! And becouse of you i had best gift on my birthday! Thanks! 🙂 (Great job! Poland rules! 😉 )

    Super realizacja. 🙂

  • MAKADOR3 4 years ago

    Hello from Ukraine. Thanks for video. Like it! Sorry for my english 🙂

  • Mateusz Banaś 4 years ago

    Added to favourites 😉

  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    Silly to get all this implications out of 2 minute "happy moments" video. You must be really frustrated with your life to randomly accuse others of materialism, narcissism, being unhelpful and all.

    It proves you know nothing about startup community.

  • Damien O'Malley 4 years ago

    An unintentional send-up of how shallow, vapid and blindly materialistic start-up culture is becoming. It’s all about personal gain. Nothing about helping people, creating something great, building something useful, bringing joy to people’s lives. The vain little look-at-me twaddle is the emblem or the generations rampant, endemic narcissism. Ultimately though, it’s boring. Some dude typing at different locations to a rock soundtrack.

  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    sure 🙂 why not.

  • Mohamed Ab M 4 years ago

    Do I get a Lamborghini when I buy a " GoPro camera " !

  • wojtusjanis 4 years ago

    a gdzie Ty masz tu porsche?

  • Kabli Kopalnia 4 years ago

    true ! 😀

  • PolskiGimbas 4 years ago

    Nie rozumiem tego filmu O.o

  • Max Power 4 years ago

    I wtedy będąc na scenie dostajesz telefon od Michaela……

  • Sasorkrk 4 years ago

    chyba Lambo! 😉

  • malcallm 4 years ago

    Ciężko wyczuć. Mnie się nie podobał.

  • MTKSTUDIOREC 4 years ago

    swietne dynamiczne i ta perspektywa 😀 !

  • Kabli Kopalnia 4 years ago

    mega jaram sie 😀 troche mocno przesadzone np z tym porsche ale mimo wszystko motywuje ! 😀

  • Michał Sadowski 4 years ago

    przyjemność po mojej stronie ;)