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  • Site showcasing interviews of all types. A youtube for interviews. TED talks is too limited. Youtube has a terrible search which is too general for finding interviews. Enable people to find great interviews on all subjects from athletes, business leaders, startups, artists / musicians, or? Press

Problem/s – Press talking to businesses / startups. Businesses / Startups talking to Press.

Getting press coverage is difficult unless your a rockstar, but if you’re a rockstar you’re time is limited.

Solution/s –

Rockstar / popular people – get sent prepped questions from media / press outlets and then response with personal press message with more details provided to main press outlet. ( in a way like Associated Press )

99% businesses at event ( getting no coverage ).  Get trained on how to be interviewed. Have interviews available for press to review on profile page.

  • 800 people at Conference
  • Time is limited at an event
  • 1-4 days duration
  • 1-5% get interviewed / covered by media
  • Rockstars of event ( bigger names / speakers / hosts ) get hounded by international / national / local media presss for interviews but all press requests can’t be fulfilled
  • determine what goes in exclusive interview / what goes into syndicated / customized interviews
  • prepare interview questions for Rockstars to add ‘local’ element of interview. AP / CP / Reuters does similar things with reporting by covering more events and then distributing content globally People

  • people who meet at events come from everywhere. Local people know each other but visitors don’t know locals.
  • interviews / video / press coverage helps inform people about who they are talking to
  • Profile pages with aggregated interview content ( audio, video, text, slides ) that can be shared as widget or by smaller pieces
  • have video booth at conferences so people can upload an profile.
  • embed interviews / profile on conference websites / business sites.
    • – aggragates content from people / content for event. Interviews could be shareable to embed on conferize ( interview with startup )  or event sites like ( interview with musicians ) Production / Explore

  • Resources / Tips / Tricks to being a good interview.
  • Examples of interviews with big company / startup CEOs with details of what they do differently than smaller size startup CEOs during interviews
  • Technical / Production support
  • Business Directory with access to film production, equipment, voice coach companies, etc. Education

  • Help educate young entrepreneurs on how to get interviewed. Additionally, can provide larger Press kit education on what’s needed for social media presence. One example program that could be supported is TNBT is a three-month intensive program for entrepreneurs aged 15-23.

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