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The Lean Startup

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Uploaded on Jan 17, 2012 Speaker(s): Eric Ries Chair: Dr Linda Hickman Recorded on 12 January 2012 in Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building. Most new businesses fail. But most of those failures are prevent...

Google I/O 2011: How to Get Your Startup Idea Funded by Venture Capitalists

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Don Dodge, Joe Kraus, Paul Buchheit, Seth Priebatsch talk at Google I/O 2011 Have an idea and want to start a company? Learn how to attract investors, and what they want to see before writing a check. Hear from ent...

From Stanford to Startup

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Published on Aug 29, 2011 (May 11, 2011) Stanford alumni Kevin Systrom and Michael Krieger, Co-founders of the iPhone app Instagram, use their experience as startup founders to de-bunk eight startup myths. Systrom an...

The craziest Silicon Valley startup: Meta (wearable glasses, coming soon)

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Here I visit the weird headquarters of Meta. Home of the Space Glasses. The CEO and COO show me around, give me an in-depth loo...

Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2011

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Please see http:www.streamliner.cosvVKiamark-zuckerberg-at-startup-school-2011 for a Streamlined version of this interview.

Crisi? No grazie. 5 ottimi motivi per lanciare una startup in Italia nel 2012 – @montemagno

666 Views24 Comments Ci sono almeno 5 ottimi motivi per lanciare una startup digitale in Italia nel 2012. Tutti parlano di crisi ma se ci fermiamo ... There are at least 5 good reasons to launch a startup d...

Root Access: Startup founders who say "I have a great idea but…"

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We all have great ideas for new startups. But there are some common things that discourage budding entrepreneurs: lack of money, fear that their idea will be stolen, the expense of validating their idea. Don Dodge (Go...

This startup founder filmed her struggles

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The startup: Watch every day of us building our startup: http:giveit100.commeta The dance video: Giveit100 is co-founded...

Startup Café Live from NUMA

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Google for Entrepreneurs supports incubators and accelerators all over the world. We would like to shine a spotlight on three of them and let you see the magic operating inside. We will be...

5 Claves para aplicar Lean Startup en mi idea

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EOI · 11122013 · http:a.eoi.es57vb 1º de una serie de talleres Lean Startup que tendrán lugar antes del inicio del Master Lean Startup en Marzo de 2014....

German biotech startup creates new cavity-fighting candy

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Originally published on January 9, 2014 Researchers working for German biotech startup Organobalance GMBH have created a new candy containing a bacteria that...

A Billionaire’s Startup Secrets Part 1: Growing With The Company

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Clay Mathile, the billionaire former Iams CEO and founder of the Aileron Institute, sits down with three young founders to talk about growing their skills wh...

BRAD FELD Drawing Board on Startup Communities

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Brad Feld, founder of TechStars, comes into the ICOSA Studio to discuss Startup Communities with Chris Franks and the rest of the STARTO team. Brad Feld has ...

Israeli Startup Makes World’s First Mobile Printer

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Ask Jay – Startup Incubators

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Originally published on Apr 4, 2012 In this episode, Jay talks about how startup incubators work, the pros and cons of being funded by one, plus some tips and advice on pitching them. Jay Adelson's Twitter: http:...

The Lean Startup Video by Joone Studios

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This is an explainer video produced by Joone Studios in Chicago IL. is a method and movement that is transforming how products are bui...

COSMOTE StartUp – 4η ενέργεια: H εξέλιξη του προγράμματος

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Το πρόγραμμα της COSMOTE «Ο κόσμος μας, εσύ» συνεχίσε το έργο του, για να κάνει τον κόσμο μας καλύτερο. Αυτήν την φορά βασίστηκε στην ιδέα του Ηρακλή Παπαδόπ...

CPBR6 – O passo-a-passo de uma Startup

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CPBR6 - O passo-a-passo de uma Startup CPBR6 - The step-by-step in a Startup

WSJ Startup of the Year: The Series

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Introducing WSJ Startup of the Year, a video series created by the Journals news department focusing on entrepreneurship. This week we introduce the business...

WINNER Vurb | Disrupt NY 2014 Startup Battlefield

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The Vurb web engine turns finding things into doing things. When you type a query in Vurb, you get everything you need without having to leave the search engine. The company is rolling out...

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